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The CA Support Portal is now part of Broadcom

On June 1, we completed the integration of the CA Support Portal into Broadcom.

With these changes, we wanted to point out some differences in the new portal and some actions on your part that may be required to access support functions:

  • All registered users will be required to change their passwords as part of the transition to the Broadcom security system.  An email containing instructions on password reset  was sent to all active registered users.
  • The CA "My Profile" page has been migrated to the "MyBroadcom" profile page. The Case Management user interface has changed. In general, it’s a cleaner,leaner and more intuitive UI. Click here for details on the new Case Management functions.
  • The look and feel of other functions on the Broadcom Support Portal, such as downloads, remains the same.
  • Your authorizations and entitlements have remained unchanged.
  • Customers using the CAUNZIP utility must install CA Common Services PTF SO08328 (for Release 14.1) or SO08469 (for Release 15.0) prior to downloading a zipped solution package under the new portal.
  • Customers using SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval (RECEIVE ORDER) will need to download and install new certificates and make additional updates.  Click here for details.
  • Please click here for information about firewall settings and IP addresses.