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How to Restore Files/Folders

Each time CA ARCserve D2D performs a successful backup, all backed up files/folders are included in the snapshot image of your backup. This restore method allows you to specify exactly which file/folder you want to restore.

The following diagram illustrates the process to restore specific files/folders:

This diagram indicates the process of how to restore files/folders

Perform the following tasks to restore files/folders:

  1. Review the Restore Prerequisites and Considerations
  2. Specify the File/Folder Information to Restore
    1. Specify the File/Folder Location
    2. Specify the File/Folder to Restore
    3. Define the Restore Options
  3. Restore the File/Folder
  4. Verify that the File/Folder was Restored


This procedure contains a supplemental instructional video. Select either CA Support or YouTube as the source for viewing this video. The versions of the video from CA Support and YouTube are identical, and only the viewing source is different.


CA Support:

How to Restore Files/Folders


How to Restore Files/Folders