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Review the Prerequisites for an Oracle Mart

Before you install the Mart components, help ensure that the minimum system requirements that are outlined in this topic are met.

You can use any of the following combinations to install CA ERwin Data Modeler, the Mart database, and the MartServer application:

Help ensure that you always install the MartServer application on the Windows operating system.

System requirements for installing the MartServer application

Hardware requirements (based on physical hardware performance, not a virtual environment):

Operating system:


CA ERwin Mart Administrator web client:

Other requirements

Help ensure that the following additional requirements are met:

Important disclaimer notice on all requirements

  1. The requirements that are mentioned previously define the minimum requirements which permit the application to run with reasonable performance based on a small business use case scenario. The actual requirements for an enterprise-wide use case based on larger models and configurations require significantly greater resources to obtain acceptable performance.
  2. These requirements are based on actual physical hardware (no virtual environment) and the following assumptions:

    Any other hardware/software configurations are acceptable as long as they provide the same (or better) performance characteristics identified.

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