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Configuring the Database

Important! Configuring CA Harvest SCM is one step in the overall implementation process. To understand all of the steps you must follow for a successful implementation, see How to Implement the Product.

Note: The instances of Linux in this section refer to both the Linux and zLinux operating environments.

This section contains the following topics:

What You Need to Know

Using Multiple Databases

Required Software

Verify the DBMS \bin Directory

The Database Authentication Method (SQL Server)

The System Administrator Role and the Windows User ID (SQL Server)

How to Connect to a Remote Database (Oracle)

How to Create the Database Manually (After Custom Installation)

Manual Upgrade of the Database (Oracle)

Convert the Encrypted Password

How to Connect a Server to a Different DBMS Server

Database Deletion

How to Connect to the Database with a New User (SQL Server)

The hdbsetup Database Configuration Utility

BHAR--How to Configure the Repository Using the hdbsetup Database Configuration Utility

Set Security for eTrust CATop Secret

Set Security for RACF

Multi-User Agent Security

Troubleshooting the z/OS Agent Under RACF

Performance Improvement (Oracle)

Database Backup Information