Main source of information for a contact and his/her attributes. A contact is a person who buys, sells, services, manages, or uses the organizationís IT assets.

Column Name Column Datatype Column Null Option Column Comment
contact_uuid byte(16) not null Primary key. Unique identifier.
middle_name nvarchar(100) with null Middle name.
alias nvarchar(30) with null Contact alias or "a.k.a." name.
last_name nvarchar(100) not null Last name. (required)
first_name nvarchar(100) with null First name.
pri_phone_number nvarchar(40) with null Primary phone number.
alt_phone_number nvarchar(40) with null Alternate phone number.
fax_number nvarchar(40) with null Fax number.
mobile_phone_number nvarchar(40) with null Mobile phone number.
pager_number nvarchar(40) with null Pager number.
email_address nvarchar(120) with null Email address.
location_uuid byte(16) with null Foreign key to ca_location table, representing contact's default location.
floor_location nvarchar(30) with null Floor location. (e.g. employee works on First Floor)
pager_email_address nvarchar(120) with null Pager email address.
room_location nvarchar(30) with null Room location. (e.g. employee works in Cube 123)
contact_type integer with null  
inactive integer not null Flag representing whether this record is active or inactive. 0=False (Active), 1=True (Inactive)
creation_user nvarchar(64) with null User or process that created the record.
creation_date integer with null Date the record was created.
last_update_user nvarchar(64) with null User or process that last updated the record.
last_update_date integer with null Date the record was last updated.
version_number integer with null Version number for transaction integrity.
department integer with null Department. Foreign key to the id field of the ca_resource_department table.
comment nvarchar(255) with null Comment.
company_uuid byte(16) with null Foreign key to the ca_company table, representing the company the contact belongs to.
organization_uuid byte(16) with null Foreign key to ca_organization table, representing the default organization the contact belongs to.
admin_organization_uuid byte(16) with null Foreign key to the organization_uuid field of the ca_organization table, representing the organization responsible for administrative issues regarding the contact (i.e. HR).
alternate_identifier nvarchar(30) with null Alternate contact identifier. (e.g. social security number)
job_title integer with null Job title. Foreign key to the id field of the ca_job_title table.
job_function integer with null Job function. Foreign key to the id field of the ca_job_function table.
mail_stop nvarchar(30) with null Mail stop.
cost_center integer with null Cost center. Foreign key to the id field of the ca_resource_cost_center table.
userid nvarchar(100) with null User account id (e.g. GIS pmfkey). Unique (in order to prevent a user from retrieving another's security settings).
supervisor_contact_uuid byte(16) with null Foreign key to the contact_uuid field of the contact table to represent the contact's supervisor.
exclude_registration integer with null Exclude Registration
delete_time integer with null Delete Time
inrdid integer with null Role ID.

Product Name: Asset

Table Type: Table


Primary Key Related Table Related Column
contact_uuid ca_contact contact_uuid

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